Skin Care Tips

Here are some tips and tricks for all skincare lovers: 

Stay away from fragranced products skin care and make up. If it has the F word run the other way.

Cleanse the skin twice per day. If you wear makeup do a double cleanse. This is the ultimate daily face wash: use on dry skin to dissolve away makeup and grime, or on wet skin as you start your day. 

Always use a treatment serum before moisturizing.

Mask twice per week. Make sure your mask are targeting a skin concern of yours. Do not use a product because someone in YouTube said it’s “amazing.” Amazing does not mean anything if the product is not geared to produce results related to your specific skin concerns.

If you have problematic skin use products that work for you not against you.

Have a professional exfoliate your skin at least once a month. This will help you avoid/eliminate blemishes and reverses signs of aging.

Always use sun protection that is adequate for your skin type. LADIES, I can’t stress this enough, all SPF is not made equal. Oil free for those with oily skin and a balanced hydrating formula for those who need a little more moisture. 

DO NOT use coconut oil to remove your makeup EVER. It will cause bad breakouts. Leave the coconut oil for the hair and use quality products with ingredients that are meticulously combined specifically for facial application.

GOLDEN RULE:  Always strive for balanced skin. Not too dry, not too oily. Skin must always feel supple, smooth and mobile

xoxo Aline

Aline Kiara